OpenVPMS has a full suite of Online Training Videos available.  From searching for a Customer or Patient, Check-In workflow to advanced management training using the Administration Tab.  Our suite of training covers it all. These videos can be used as a refresher to the skills you already have or a new staff member joins the team that you would like to have all the necessary skills to hit the ground running.

There are a total of 95 videos for the full suite of OpenVPMS Online Training.

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Essentials Training

Essentials Training 1, 2 & 3 covers all the day to day functions of using OpenVPMS.

Essentials 1

  • Getting Started

  • Searching

  • Customer Workspace

  • Patient Workspace

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Consulting Workflow

Essentials 2

  • Task management

  • Payments, Credits & Refunds

  • Counter Sales

  • Estimations

  • Reminders

  • Document

Essentials 3

  • Alerts

  • Prescriptions

  • Investigations

  • Communications

  • Till Balancing

Management Training

Managing the OpenVPMS product database and Stock Control.  Higher level administration functions including adding new users, Lookups, Running Reminders, Reporting and Discounting concepts.

  • Advanced Customer & Patient

  • Lookups

  • Processing Reminders

  • Reporting

  • Users

  • Discounting

Insurance Processing

  • Policy Information

  • Submitting a claim

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For a sneak peak at one of our training videos see below.

Phone Support

For any urgent support queries please contact us on 03 8737 9309. For any non urgent matters please email or to lodge a support ticket Click Here