1. All prices quoted are exclusive of GST.
  2. OpenVPMS Ltd does not warrant the suitability of OpenVPMS software system for the customers purposes.
  1. The customer is bound by the OpenVPMS open source license and all of its conditions and warranties.
  2. OpenVPMS reserves the right to charge additional service fees if the customer fails to provide suitable notice of changes to meeting and training times or if the customer requests additional services outside those defined in the scope of works.
  3. Implementation and Onsite Training Fees are charged in advance and will be invoiced on acceptance of quotation and payable on receipt of invoice.
  4. Data Migration and Support fees are charged in arrears and will be invoiced on completion of work and are payable within 14 days of receipt of invoice.
  5. Onsite services incur additional travel and accommodation charges charged at cost plus 5%.
  6. Any invoice queries must be made within 7 days of receipt of invoice.  Queries are to be sent to accounts@openvpms.com.
  7. OpenVPMS will make every attempt to minimise travel charges by sharing travel with multiple customers and utilising the best available fares. OpenVPMS cannot guarantee it will always be able to share travel costs.  Clinics are responsible for Travel Expenses incurred by OpenVPMS and agree to these charges being included in the onsite charge regardless of the number of Practices being visited.  Vertical connect will confirm the number of practices to be visited prior to scheduled date.
  8. Cancellations of onsite Visits must be made at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date.  If less than 14 days’ notice given a cancellation fee may apply.
  9. Scheduled onsite visits can’t be changed without notice as we may have scheduled in other Practice visits with your onsite visit.
  10. Provision of suitable training venue and equipment for Onsite support/training sessions is the responsibility of the Practice.
  11. Implementation Module included support services are available only to key contacts designated at the time of delivery of the implementation services. These contacts are required to collate and document any requests or issues by practice staff and notify the implementer by email or direct contact. The implementer will action these requests by priority. These services do not include the provision of additional staff training sessions.
  12. Any documentation provided to the Customer is covered under copyright law and cannot be distributed to a third party except when the customer has been given written permission by OpenVPMS to do so. The customer is free to distribute this documentation to internal staff in printed or electronic form but must request return or removal of this documentation should the staff member terminate their employment.

Phone Support

For any urgent support queries please contact us on 03 8737 9309. For any non urgent matters please email support@openvpms.com or to lodge a support ticket Click Here