We provide services to setup OpenVPMS in the cloud or on your local network.


With OpenVPMS Managed Cloud installation your data is kept in a secure Amazon AWS Data Centre, encrypted and managed in a redundant database server.  The database is not directly accessible (private) which provides a secure database.

Once we have setup your OpenVPMS in the cloud you will be able to access it from anywhere using a similar URL address as the below in your browser:

We can also add an extra layer of security if required.


We store regular backups in Amazon AWS S3 a highly secure and reliable storage environment.


If you need to be able to print directly out of OpenVPMS (as distinct from Print -> Preview) to one or more printers in your clinic we need to install and configure our Printing Client (Printnode) on a workstation in the clinic.  The workstation needs to be on at all times to support the direct printing and most operating systems are supported (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry) .  Your local IT company/person needs to setup and test the printers to use on this workstation.  We can then work with them to install and configure the Printnode software and test the printing. 


OpenVPMS will complete regular monitoring and checks on your server to maximise the efficiency of your database.


2 x major upgrade of the OpenVPMS database will be completed per year.  Any new features & fixes will be upgraded automatically.


With Local installation we will install OpenVPMS and all of its third party software on hardware provided by your local I.T. provider.  We  will assist that provider in regards to hardware specifications as well as setup of printers, backups etc.

Phone Support

For any urgent support queries please contact us on 03 8737 9309. For any non urgent matters please email or to lodge a support ticket Click Here