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If you are currently using a OpenVPMS managed cloud based service your database and server backups are managed automatically and your server is completely secure.

If you’re running a local OpenVPMS server it is critical that your local I.T. provider has setup suitable onsite and offsite backup strategies and security in order to protect your data should a disaster or network breach occur.

With the prevalence of security risks such as Cryptovirus, these backups could mean the difference between minimal/no and complete data loss.  Please make sure your local I.T. provider has setup your backups , checked them and secured your server.
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OpenVPMS Dicom Interface – (ODI)

Work List – Allows your Radiology equipment to retrieve lists of Investigations
that need to be performed from OpenVPMS. All relevant Patient ,
Investigation and Clinician information, including species, weight,
request id etc is automatically sent from OpenVPMS to your
Radiology Workstation ready for you to complete the study.
Supports one or more Modalities and multiple practice locations.

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