OpenVPMS acquires Vertical Connect effective 1 AUGUST 2021

We are pleased to announce an exciting new direction in the development of open source software for Veterinary Management practices.  As of 1 August 2021, OpenVPMS and Vertical Connect have joined forces to develop, promote and support customers with the OpenVPMS Veterinary Practice Management Solution.

OpenVPMS Ltd will acquire the Vertical Connect business interests and the two businesses will operate under the OpenVPMS Ltd name. We believe bringing together the joint business advantages of each company will bring new professionalism, flexibility, direction and value to our mutual businesses, which will translate directly as advantages to our customers and partners.

Who are we?

OpenVPMS Ltd has managed the OpenVPMS open source project, source code and community, while Vertical Connect Pty Ltd has provided implementation and support services as well as add-on products to practices utilising the OpenVPMS software. Together we have decades of experience in the IT industry.

The new consolidated business is a hybrid model that streamlines and clarifies usage and contact points with OpenVPMS hosting all activities at one destination.  OpenVPMS will remain a not-for-profit organisation and all profits will be reinvested in the development of OpenVPMS Practice Management Software. We will share more about our plans for business and operational improvements in the coming months.

Why we’ve done this

This acquisition provides the opportunity to strategically plan for a solid future and implement many new efficiencies that will transform the Practice Management Solution and IT Systems.  Our commitment to service and training excellence remains. We’re futureproofing the operational foundation of veterinary practices.

The benefits of the new business model

  • A SINGLE CONTACT POINT within OpenVPMS for community or commercial help and improved access to online help and enriched training content.
  • A SINGLE COMPANY focused on the promotion of OpenVPMS to the Veterinary Industry worldwide.
  • NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT including add-ons and plugins to customise Veterinary Practice Management Solution and IT systems and get even more value from your OpenVPMS software.
  • ADDED FLEXIBILITY AND STABILITY with a new range of subscription-based Cloud hosting options for OpenVPMS including upgrades and support.
  • A FOCUSED MARKETING STRATEGY with clear objectives, concise and regular communications, and revitalised market presence.

What happens next?

Essentially nothing changes – we will consolidate our combined knowledge base, industry reputation, established service and support network, and low fixed cost options.

The services from Vertical Connect will continue as ‘business as usual’ post-acquisition with current staff from both businesses continuing to work in OpenVPMS Ltd. The focus will ensure a seamless transition and we are already reviewing immediate product development needs, revisioning a combined easy-to-use website, and developing a comprehensive trade and consumer marketing strategy.  We will be recruiting additional staff to support the expected business growth.

Our promise to you – new products, new cost efficiencies, easier applications

The purchase of the Vertical Connect business will allow OpenVPMS to develop and promote a suite of new products and services to current and new customers while remaining a not-for-profit business dedicated to promoting and developing Open Source software to the Veterinary industry. We will be conducting a thorough review of subscription services creating more flexible options for business.

Questions about current or future services

Technical Support Business Manager

Name: Tony De Keizer
Tel: 0421 347 105

Name:  Lisa Vanden Berg
Tel: 0455 558 404

or email or contact Support on +61 3 8737 9309.

We begin now

The team at OpenVPMS look forward to this new era in reputable Open Source Veterinary Practice software and continuing to support the Veterinary Industry with software systems that are feature-rich and cost-efficient.

Phone Support

For any urgent support queries please contact us on 03 8737 9309. For any non urgent matters please email or to lodge a support ticket Click Here