NEWS – OpenVPMS acquires Vertical Connect (effective 1 August 2021) joining forces to develop, promote and support customers with the OpenVPMS Veterinary Practice Management Solution.
The new consolidated business is a hybrid model that streamlines and clarifies usage and contact points with OpenVPMS hosting all activities at one destination.
OpenVPMS will remain a not-for-profit organisation and all profits will be reinvested in the development of OpenVPMS Practice Management Software.
A revitalised strategic plan, including a new user friendly website, rebranding and operational efficiencies will follow.


Cyber Security

Cyber security is everyone’s business Do not underestimate the value of the data you hold. If accessed by the wrong people, information about your staff or clients can be used to commit fraud in their names, and pose a threat to your credibility. If your data is lost or compromised, it can be very difficult […]


If you are currently using a OpenVPMS managed cloud based service your database and server backups are managed automatically and your server is completely secure. If you’re running a local OpenVPMS server it is critical that your local I.T. provider has setup suitable onsite and offsite backup strategies and security in order to protect your data […]

OpenVPMS – Letterhead & Document Control

As of OpenVPMS 1.8 a new feature “Letterhead & Document Control” was introduced.  This new feature gave practices greater control of the formatting and structure of their financial templates allowing many things to be customised without having to learn the Jasper Reports editing tool which has a very steep learning curve. For many Practices there wasn’t a real […]